First Impression Review: Zidoo X9S


September 7, 2016 by aubreykloppers

Yesterday I got a message from my reception that UPS has a package for me.  To my surprise the Zidoo company sent me a brand-new Zidoo X9S.  This review is not going to be in the normal run-of-the-mill-style of running down specs, but more a discussion of how I found the device acts and feels.

My first impressions opening the box was WOW, this thing is COLD!  Then I realized it is manufactured from Aircraft-grade aluminum!  The device also feels heavy, like a quality piece of equipment, proud to be part of my austere lounge!  (I say austere here with a bit of a smile.  If you did not know this, I have a 19 month old toddler and the lounge has been taken over by hist toys and his attitude of “everything with a button and a light needs to be pressed, inspected, bitten, pulled or thrown!)

Back to my review:  This box is fast, takes only a couple of seconds to boot into Android, that is, 6.02, if you wanted to know! From the first “BOOT” on the VFD display, to the “HEllO” and then the time, this box not only looks smart, but acts exactly like the high-end device it is.  The VFD is clear and can be read from a distance quite easily.

Zidoo could not improve on the UI (They call it ZIUI), but they did!  They give you the option to change the layout of the shortcuts with a simple HOLD of a button.  This is cooler than what the device felt like opening it!  The remote feels like quality and once again has some intuitive options built in.  The range is good and navigation very responsive.

You all know the XBMC (Well, actually KODI) rewrite called ZDMC?  Well, it got better!  These guys knows their stuff when it comes to coding and my hat goes off to the ZDMC developers!  I could find no delay or stutters in any of the files I threw at the device and everything works, for me, as it should.  BUT BETTER!

This I still need to check out:  As I have mentioned before I have a toddler, so I have to spend a lot more time with the device.  As a Network Engineer, I am very interested in the OpenWRT option and will be spending some time with this at a later stage.

In conclusion, this is a high-end device with very few problems, lots of input/output options and built with only the best hardware.  The interface is very user friendly and intuitive.  And with all the support and upgrade options. this Zidoo X9S really sets the bar very high for any of the competitor TV Box builders out there!

And here is a SEXY picture of the beast:


One thought on “First Impression Review: Zidoo X9S

  1. poem says:

    Owesome! I’m Roc. Exciting to see this.


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