mdadm – /dev/md127


July 6, 2012 by aubreykloppers

This is just a placemark.  I found /dev/md0 not being built correctly after a crash.  All I needed to do was a:

update-initramfs -u

and then when getting: “mdadm: unchecked config file” error just delete the:

rm /var/lib/mdadm/CONF-UNCHECKED


Now, if you still do not get the raid array mounting on /dev/md0, but still on /dev/md127 do the following:

Find the mounted array:

  • df -kh

Then unmount the /dev/md127 device:

  • umount /dev/md127

Then stop the array:

  • mdadm -S /dev/md127

Then re-assemble the array:

  • mdadm –assemble –scan

Then check the array:

  • mdadm –detail /dev/md0

Once completed, do a:

fsck /dev/md0

and make sure everything is ok.

4 thoughts on “mdadm – /dev/md127

  1. mehul says:

    why this is happen ?


  2. […] I'm also confused, but read this post:…dadm-devmd127/ […]


  3. Because for error on RAID…


  4. guss says:

    delete thist

    rm /var/lib/mdadm/mdadm.conf-generated


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