pfSense – Throttling by IP base – The Definitive Guide.

Limit bandwidth usage by IP on your LAN

I am from South Africa managing a site for a NPO.  We are blessed enough to afford Fibre, but the bandwidth can be used up very quickly by Low Priority Users.  This is a guide to Limit Users by Priority on a 4Mbit/s line.

Now for the fun-stuff

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pfSense and Shaping Facebook – The Definitive Guide.

Using pfSense to Shape/Limit Facebook traffic

The first thing you have to understand is that shaping/limiting Facebook traffic will have a huge impact on your business.  Not everything will be gained as any traffic to and from Facebook will be limited to a maximum network rate.  This could have an adverse effect on things like likes/shares/links on other pages using Facebook technologies.

That said, limiting Facebook traffic will also have a huge advantage to your overall network responses and will relieve bandwidth to vital technologies to your business.

Now to the fun-stuff using pfSense

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Shrink 2GB IMG to fit 2GB SD Card.

Here’s the thing:

You bought a Raspberry Pi, a 2GB SD card and downloaded a 2GB IMG to create your awesome project, just to find the card is too small to write the IMG file to!  The reason for this is that you bought a 2GB SD card, but technically it is only about 1.8G in size!  (1MB=1024768b, work it out from there!)

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Bluetooth Speaker + Raspberry PI – The ultimate guide. Now with WiFi support!

Note: Complete installation script available here: Installation Script Once logged into yourRaspberry, just run:
and run the script (after sudo su and chmod 777). Open web-browser with IP assigned.



I purchased a BlueTooth Speaker called a D-Link DBS-2012 Portable Stereo Speaker (Review) with the hope of getting RuneAudio or Volumio streaming to the speaker, but no such luck.  The developers of both states outright they do not support the technology, which I find a bit of a lack of vision.  Please note, you will also need a BT Dongle.

This said, here follows a guide getting a rather nice, light-weight distribution with a web front-end manageable via cell-phone or any web-browser:

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