Caravan – need I say more?

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September 19, 2022 by aubreykloppers

So, a couple of weeks ago My wife and I bought a “CI Gypsy Caravette 5 1993” caravan. On inspection, the shell was very good, but some things needed some urgent attention. The first thin I did was to take it to Dekra and got an informed opinion on the caravan. Well, everything seemed fine, the breaks needed attention and the back-light-lenses needed to be replaced.

Rear Lights/Lenses:

After some investigation, I found the back lenses to be very difficult to source, but the lenses of an Isuzu KB 2000 does fit, although the colors differ.

I replaced these and used a RED led in the white lens.

Power, power, power:

I started looking at the mess called the internal power. I was told it looked like a blind person (no disrespect) with dark glasses did this. It was an abysmal state once looked at. Once completed I had Ewiks Movers installed. No more struggle!:

Not the end of it:

I then replaced the outside light (that did not work) with a 12V LED fitting…

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