proxmox – creating a bonded network

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April 28, 2021 by aubreykloppers

Creating a bonded network has great advantages on speed, congestion and load-balancing. See for the different types of bonds.

For my application, I just want a general “Swiss-army-knife-do-it-all” bond, thus I will be using “mode=0 (balance-rr)” for my bond.

PS – Use LACP if your switch supports it! Else you will have a bad time!

My server uses 3 network devices, 1 local LAN 1gb device and 2 USB2LAN devices. In proxmox, what you have to do is create a bond with all the devices not in use, not assigning any IP or GATEWAY addresses. Then point your bridge to the bond, thus releasing the network device in use. Once done, add the device to the bond. This is what my bond looks like afterwards:

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