Pineapple Beer Recipe

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February 11, 2019 by aubreykloppers

After a very successful two batches of Ginger-beer, I decided to use my knowledge to make a batch of Pineapple Beer.

Background – Ginger beer:

  • 18l water
  • 500g ginger
  • 20-40ml  of lemonjuice
  • 1 packet of star yeast
  • 18 cups of water


  • Grate ginger.
  • Hydrate the yeast in a bit of water.
  • Boil in 4l water and all of the sugar.
  • Strain and Squeeze all the pulp and add to carboy.
  • Add pulp to 2l water and strain squeeze the pulp again and add to carboy.
  • repeat until water is  clear/without sugar and add to carboy.
  • add all the water.
  • make sure the water is cool and add the yeast.
  • leave for 5-7 days, bottle and after 1 (to carbonate) day put in fridge.

I ended up with a very nice 4.7-5.5 ABV (using my hydrometer)

Now, onto Pineapple Beer:

  • 18l water.
  • 2 small pineapples chopped into pieces removing some of the core adding it to my carboy.
  • 18 cups of sugar (one cup per liter) dissolved in 4l water adding it to my carboy with the rest of the water.
  • 1 packet of Anchor Brewers Yeast already dehydrated by adding slightly lukewarm water to it (about 300ml) – also added to the carboy.
  • Shook the entire thing to aerate.
  • Measured the ABV with my hydrometer and got OG 1.050 ABV (Original Gravity)

I am going to leave this for a week and check the hydrometer reading and calculate…

Thank you to City Steading for their excellent content on beer and the calculation thereof.  This is a screenshot of their calculation:

abv calculator

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