How to cancel Telkom ONLINE.

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December 1, 2017 by aubreykloppers

This site/form is hidden deep-deep in the Telkom website.  I have an idea that due to the fact they want you to use their in-apt service called “e-mail” / “telephonic” / “walk-in-stores” they want to actually keep you on their payroll for as long as possible!

  • I have tried to send the standard form using email, but always get a bounce-back message stating the mailbox is full – See snapshot later…
  • I have tried using the telephonic route and after more than an hour on the line got no further than a service representative not (1)being able to speak English and (2) not being able to assist – See snapshot later…
  • Walk-in stores is just a front to piss you off even more!

What I have found is the following website that does this online and sends you a reference number back.  At least you then have something to go on

PROOF eMail:email

PROOF of Telephone Call, yes that is richt, One hour and seven minutes!:


PROOF of cancellation email and trying to do it again gives me the “request already logged” message:


cancellation proof

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