Mandela Effect…

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December 12, 2016 by aubreykloppers

Falling a bit down the rabbit-hole, (To my friends go read my Facebook post: I can now prove we are living in an alternative universe, or ours got changed roughly when the first CERN Maga Computer’s experiment.  Now, you know from reading my blog I only write about things I understand and can prove, so here is mine prove:

Can you remember your first second-hand VW when you were young?  Can you remember the VW logo?  Can you remember the line through it?  I thought so.  For you who can not remember, this is what it looked like in my reality:


You will not find one if you search all of GOOGLE!  And for those of you old-school enough, what did your Ford logo looked like?  When did the F get it’s little curl?

OK, now go test this yourself:  Go search for the JFK shooting…  Ask yourself this, when did the amount of people in the car change from 4 to 6?  I distinctly remember only 4!

This is the Dallas Museum display:


See – 2 rows of seats, but that’s not right according to everything else:


You will start seeing more and more of these changes in your daily life, keep an eye on youtube and make up your own mind…


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