How to UnRoot Android TV Box quickly


July 9, 2016 by aubreykloppers

To Unroot:

  1. Install “Terminal Emulator” from the Google Play Store.
  2. Make sure your device is rooted.
  3. Run the “Terminal Emulator” and enable root by typing “su” on the command prompt.
  4. mount /system as RW with this command: “mount -o remount,rw /system”.
  5. Go to the app directory: “cd /system/app/”
  6. Move the Superuser directory to the /system directory: “mv Superuser ..”
  7. reboot.

To enable root: Just move Superuser back to /system/app/

This enabled me to run all my apps without root enabled…  (i.e DSTV NOW)


I had a couple of questions how to re-root and it could not be easier than going to the Play Store and re-installing Superuser.

4 thoughts on “How to UnRoot Android TV Box quickly

  1. Kesen says:

    Hi , how do you put back the superuser ..

    Please put in the commands


  2. Kesen says:

    dude please help me , i did this and i successfully unrooted but i need to get root back


  3. John Murton says:

    Looking for help on this please


    • Sorry, John.  I decided about a year ago to let all of my TV Boxes (Google Unsupported) go.  The thing is they are not working as they should and if I remember, the first message in the FREAKTAB post has a link to the supplier.  Best to ask them.  You could also mo123 for assistance.  Other than that, cut your losses and get a supported device like the “MI Box”…


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