Zidoo X6 Pro V1.0.33 update procedures in English


March 13, 2016 by aubreykloppers

1 – Fist off all, some files I make available via Dropbox:

  1. Zidoo X6 Flash Image (V1.0.33).
  2. Zidoo X6 Flashing Tool (v1.39)
  3. I did however found a better driver here: Generic Driver – The driver works better in Windows 10.
  4. Zidoo’s Own Kodi.apk (Bundled with V1.0.33).
  5. Zidoo X6 OTA archive (V1.0.33).
  6. Zidoo X6 Flash Image (V1.0.19). – Do not download unless you read “5 – Fresh Start“.

2 – How to Flash using the Image file:

  • To flash a Zidoo X6 Pro, you are going to need an OTA cable.  You can make your own by following this better instruction of these instructions or these instructions.
  • Download both the Image and Flashing files. (NOTE: Use the Generic Driver, as it works better in Windows 10)
  • Extract both files in (1) and (2) to a local directory. (I.E.: on your desktop create a directory zidoo and extract the files there)
  • Boot into Flashing Mode:
    • Make sure the Zidoo X6 is powered down, all cables are removed and you have your USB OTG Cable is plugged into your PC.
    • Use a pin and push it into the “RESET” hole AND HOLD IT THERE.
    • Using the “double sided usb male cable” connect to your USB/OTA of the Zidoo X6 Pro.
  • Start your “Factory Tools” program and choose your extracted image file:20151023194512_56774.png
  • You will also see one of the ports display “LOADING”.
  • Hit run and wait for the dump to complete.
  • Disconnect the OTA Cable and reconnect the power, HDMi and LAN (If used) cables.
  • Boot the system up.
  • Any questions, read more here

3 – To Flash using USB OTA Image:

  • Download the OTA Flash file in (4).
  • Place the OTA Zip file on a USB Stick and plug it into your Zidoo X6.
  • On your Zidoo X6 click Settings/About/Update
  • Choose the second option, Local Update.
  • Brows to the USB OTA file and choose it
  • Let the system update…

4 – To recover your Kodi (ZDMC):

  • Download the APK file in (3).
  • Uninstall and remove all references to Kodi from your Zidoo X6.
  • NOTE: Path of kodi is:
  • Install the APK file.
  • NOTE: If you get asked, do the bit to allow Android installation from Unknown Sources…

5 – Fresh Start:

You can always have a complete Fresh Start by burning the the V1.0.19, downloaded from Point 1, and then use OTA Images from Zidoo X6 Downloads Here to step-by-step increase the release to the desired release you want.


Thank you to Harlan from the Zidoo Forum:


Looks great, just one suggestion. The .33 rar factory image you mention at the outset is probably the one most users will want for a ‘fresh start’. So you might consider adding a note to say that the procedure outlined in section 5 with the .19 img file is only retained for compatibility with existing Zidoo Support Tutorials and that it should be considered depricated, unless a user encounters a problem with the .33 firmware and wishes rollback and use one of the Zidoo Support pre-.33 versions that are only available as OTA upgrades to the .19 factory .img file.

7 thoughts on “Zidoo X6 Pro V1.0.33 update procedures in English

  1. Keith Williams says:

    At what stage can the reset button be released?
    Many thanks


  2. HereIsTom says:

    Great topic! I have a problem with the audio of the Zidoo X6.
    I tried all setting but I still get stereo on mijn receicer and no Dolby Digital?


  3. des says:

    Has anybody solved the DSTV app freeze frame problem that you reported on the Zidoo forum – I have the same problem. By the way, the only parr of the DSTV app that does work on Zidoo x6 pro is the Catch Up sport.



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