Is this the demise of KODI?

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February 26, 2016 by aubreykloppers

KODI opensource:

KODI, in all it’s glory, started something that became a snowball and is totally out of control!  The problem with the software is some developers are going to justify the fall of the open-source company by telling everyone they were against piracy and as such going after trademark abusers.

What does this mean:


The long and the short of it is that KODI decided to go after TV Box Builders using KODI, bundling pirate TV links into the build.

Why is this a bad thing:

The reason is easy to see, the sword they are using is double-edged and because KODI did this blind, the attack onto TV Box Builders also included legitimate smaller companies who are excluded out of the KODI development due to KODI refusal to include code fixing problems within the KODI code.  Why you ask? Because some 3rd party companies are not buying into their “sponsorship” deals!

The bad in this is that developers and coders who were supplying active and good usable code, supplementing KODI are being alienated, as first seen in the demise of the Youtube Plugin.  Please read this: (Release – YouTube (No more support!))

Why this will be the demise of KODI:

Well first of all, TV Box Developers will “fork” KODI into something completely new and close the “fork”.   In layman’s terms, people will move away from the original source and will/could start charging for changes/fixes, so desperate needed by the KODI source-code.

Second of all, TV Box Developers will stop supporting KODI and start writing their own products/software to circumvent the stupidity of the KODI trademark.

Lastly, piracy will NEVER be stopped and as such the KODI brand will die out.  It will, like so many technologies before it, slowly loose support.  Just see what happened to the great torrent/bay/warez sites from yesteryear.  Some is still there, but the impact on the market is less, surpasses by many many sites with far richer content.  It is almost like looking at what happened to printed media…

Closing statement:

KODI comes from XBMC comes from Xbox Media Player, an open source media player allowing users of the XBOX to play music and movies from the LAN or the Internet.  Now ask yourself this, in 2002, was this not defined as piracy, storing “ripped” movies on a LAN or the Internet?  The conclusion, KODI is the grandchild of a pirated-enabled software… (Xbox Media Player)

KODI, it seems, is missing not only the bus, but loosing all their developers piece-by-piece…


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