Android on Proline PCS-32B “PC Stick”.


February 16, 2016 by aubreykloppers

Before you begin.  Make sure:
(1) your device has been updated to Windows 10
(2) you have downloaded your ISO for Windows 10
(3) you are familiar with installing and customizing your OS

The following instructions works with:

  1. Proline “PCS-32B” – 100% tested.
  2. Intel COMPUTE – Untested.
  3. MeeGoPAd T01 – Untested.

To Boot into a Live Android OS:

  • To get to the BIOS use {ESC} key.
  • To Install Android download the release you want from: HERE (I am using android-x86-6.0_20160129.iso)
  • To burn, use Rufus – download HERE
  • The setting to burn are:
    • GPT partition scheme for UEFI
    • FAT32
    • Choose your ISO IMAGE
  • Boot by choosing the USB device.
  • STEPS creating your system:
    • Delete all the partitions of the disk.
    • Create a 512M partition, type “ef00” and name it GRUB.
    • Create a partition the rest of the space and call it Android.
    • Install Android on this SECOND partition (mmcblk0p2).
    • Say YES to format the partition whilst installing (format as type ntfs).
    • Yes for GRUB/GRUB2.
    • Yes to format mmcblk0p1.
    • Yes for READ/WRITE.
    • Yes to confirm creation of USERDATA and create it with a size of 4096 MB.

OK, you ask, what did you achieve?

  • The ability to run native Android Apps on your “PC Stick”.
  • The ability to run Netflix and other streaming services directly on your TV.
  • The ability to get away from clunky set-top boxes just to do streaming.

To Recover back to Windows 10:

  • Use: “Windows 32bit Home Single Language.iso“.
  • Settings:
    • GPT partition scheme for UEFI
    • FAT32
  • Boot system directly from USB.
  • Note: SKIP the entry for the Product Number.

To create a dual-boot system:

  • Create a Windows system with your ISO.
  • Use only 14 GB for system space, completing the installation.
  • Get the latest drivers from Intel (Compute drivers)
  • Get the latest drivers from Proline (Proline Drivers)
  • For Proline PCS-32B:
    • Install Windows Single LANG ED 32bit.
    • Extract the file and run the installer in “PlatformInstaller” and reboot.
    • Extract the Bluetooth package, install and reboot.
    • Extract the Wireless package, install and reboot.

One thought on “Android on Proline PCS-32B “PC Stick”.

  1. […] of the questions I always get when installing Android on a Proline PCS-32B (see THIS post) is what/where is the userdata files kept?  Well, this took a quick find to display the path […]


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