The demise of Facebook and Twitter!

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February 8, 2016 by aubreykloppers

Over the last couple of years, people who have grown-up with Facebook and Twitter started realizing that anything posted, liked, shared or commented on in Facebook is permanent.  Not only that, but Facebook’s ability to track your movements and track your preferences in life has not gone unnoticed!  Not to mention the targeting of individuals with aggressive marketing campaigns from likes and shares is just going too far!

Out with the old:

When asked the question, teenagers will tell you with no uncertainty that to have granny like a picture is not why they wanted from a social network, that is the job of a Sunday lunch.  Studies also show the current demographic of Facebook users, 48% is 65 or older. (see Pew Research Center surveys)

Privacy, privacy, privacy:

The ability of an employee to loose his job over a comment or a share on Facebook or Twitter has become increasingly worrisome to all Social Media Users, young and old, and this is causing a huge migration from all matters pertaining Social Shared Media (See Fired Facebook / Fired Twitter) with archived abilities.

So, what now?

Younger online Social Users prefer using services like Snap Chat and Group Text which has a limited message life-span and guaranteed privacy.  This will have a huge implication on the older generation keeping tabs on children, on targeted advertising and Social Networking.

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