Puppy Linux on Wyse C50LE

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October 14, 2015 by aubreykloppers

  1. Download Puppy Linux – Use the SLACK/Stable release (I used slacko-5.7.0-PAE.iso)
  2. Write to USB using Rufus (I used Rufus-2.2p.exe)
  3. Boot Wyse and hold {P}.  (If asked for password = Fireport)
  4. Choose USB for boot option and boot into Puppy Desktop.
  5. Click MENU/SYSTEM/Gparted – Choose SDA and delete all Partitions
  6. Create a EXT3 Primary partition and apply.
  7. Choose Partition/Manage Flags and click on BOOT.  Close GParted
  8. Click INSTALL and choose Universal Installer.
  9. Choose internal IDE drive (SDA) and install puppy on sda1
  10. Click on SDB1 icon on desktop to mount.
  11. Puppy files are on DIRECTORY.  /mnt/sdb1
  12. Choose FULL install and WIPE and wait to complete
  14. Choose SDA, click ONLY THIS DEVICE/SINGLE PAGE MENU, click OK Ok…
  15. Reboot System

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