SickRage: Best function EVER!

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September 14, 2015 by aubreykloppers

If you want to add shows that are also Popular (Not just new or local), you can enable the “View Popular Shows” function within SickRage by shutting it down, editing the ini file and starting it back up.


  1. Shutdown SickRage through the GUI or use “service sickbeard stop” from the linux commandline.
  2. Edit the file “/home/sickbeard/.sickbeard/config.ini” and find the value “use_imdb_popular=0” and change it to “use_imdb_popular=1
  3. Start SickRage from the linux commandline with “service sickbeard start

This will give you a new option when using the “Add Shows” function, the “View Popular Shows” option.

Get the top-tv-list from IMDB:,2016

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