FreeNas – HPET hang.

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September 7, 2015 by aubreykloppers

For those of you who are pulling your hair out on this one, Vmware has provided the solution solution in this document:

The pertinent part of the document quoted below:

“A virtual HPET was introduced with Virtual Hardware version 8 (which first appeared in ESX 5.0, Workstation 8.0 and Fusion 4.0). It runs in apparent time. Currently supported guest operating systems do not require a HPET, but some will use a HPET if one is present (including Windows Vista and later, and many versions of Linux). It can be disabled by setting hpet0.present=FALSE in the VM’s configuration.”

Step by Step
1) Turn off your FreeNAS virtual machine
2) Edit settings on the FreeNAS virtual machine
3) Click on Options Tab
4) Click on General under Advanced
5) Click the Configuration Parameters Button on the bottom right
6) Change hpet0.present from true to false.
7) Click Start

XENServer 6.5

While booting hit e and add:
set kFreeBSD.hint.hpet.0.clock=0
once installed do again with the live system and via:


and adding “hint.hpet.0.clock” with a value of “0”

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