vCenter 6 deployment alternative.

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August 4, 2015 by aubreykloppers

To install vCenter 6 without the Web-deploy-option(s):

    • Mount the ISO.
    • Copy “vmware-vcsa” to a space on your HDD.
    • Rename the “vmware-vcsa” to “vmware-vcsa.ova”
    • extract the renamed “vmware-vcsa.ova” to “vmware-vcsa”
    • Deplay the extracted files to your ESXi host. (DO NOT START!)
    • Log into the ESXi host. (Using putty/ssh)
    • cd to “/vmfs/volumes/<your storage>/<VM>
    • vi the <VM>.vmx file
    • Append the following lines (Changing passowrds/ip’s to fit your config) = "ipv4" = "static" = "" = "24" = "" = ""
guestinfo.cis.vmdir.password = "VCSA@MyLab2015"
guestinfo.cis.appliance.root.passwd = "VCSA@MyLab2015" = "True"
guestinfo.cis.appliance.ssh.enabled = "True"

  • Save and start your vCenter Appliance.

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