How I Integrated z-push with zimbra


May 27, 2015 by aubreykloppers

(Reblog from Zimbra)

I looked at several ways to integrate z-push with zimbra with minimum modifications to zimbra itself.

Whether you have your z-push installation on the same server or not, you can use this method.

I personally installed z-push on the same server but I changed the port of z-push into 4433 (example).

Then to integrate z-push with my zimbra installation, this is what I did:

(change into zimbra username)
su zimbra
sudo su zimbra (needed for ubuntu)

1. change the permissions on this file to be able to edit it (rw):
chmod 644 /opt/zimbra/conf/nginx/templates/nginx.conf.web.https.default.template

2. edit the file and go to the location
location ^~ /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync

3. in that block:
a. change:
proxy_pass ${};

b. change (not sure if this is needed, but the first change should be enough)
set $mailhostport ${web.http.uport}
set $mailhostport 4433;

4. restart cache:
zmproxyctl restart

That’s it, you are free to point your proxy_pass entry to the same server or different server.
Hope this helps.

One thought on “How I Integrated z-push with zimbra

  1. Rico Sanders says:

    You my friend, are a life saver!


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