RuneAudio: Now Fade Audio and Alarm Clock functions!

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February 18, 2015 by aubreykloppers


It has been a very good start of 2015!  The first of my projects is a RaspberryPi project add-on and is an extension of my previously posted AutoFade function in RuneAudio.  So without any more delays, here is the code and write-up:

Installation Instructions:

    • Install bc:
      # pacman -S bc
    • Download the tar file from RuneAudio and extract in /var/www:
      # cd /var/www
      # tar -xvf "fade_and_alarm - <release>.tar"
    • Enable Crontab:
      # /usr/bin/systemctl start cronie
      # /usr/bin/systemctl enable cronie


1 - New Popup Menu Items 2 - Fade Function 3 - Alarm Clock Function

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