RPi RuneAudio: Adding a new function – Fade Volume over Time.


February 4, 2015 by aubreykloppers




My baby-boy is 7 weeks away and my wife asked me to create a radio for the playback of some music.  Well, the first thing I had to look for was a release that would give the user a smooth experience, easy to understand interface and hackable.  To do this, I had 2 choices, first being Volumio, but the interface and code a bit dated.  I then started looking at RuneAudio.  The interface being way more glossy, smooth and written with a lightning-fast back-end using redis.  Do understand there are still some problems that needs to be addressed, but the experience makes up for it…

Some code – By Hand:

Installing Volume Fade Over Time:

  • pacman -S bc
  • vi /var/www/app/templates/header.php
  • add after line 79:

<li class=”<?=$this->uri(1, ‘fade’, ‘active’)?>”><a href=”/fade/”><i class=”fa fa-volume-up”></i> Fade</a></li>

NOTE: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/ has all the fa-FONTS

  • dump fade.php into “/var/www/app/templates/”
  • dump “mpc_fade” to /var/www/
  • cd /var/www/app
  • cp credits_ctl.php fade_ctl.php
  • vi /var/www/index.php
  • add after line 56:


Some code – Auto:

  • Dropbox download of fade.tar
  • Install bc with: pacman -S bc
  • extract the archive with: cd /var/www; tar -xvf fade.tar

 Radio Stations:

https://github.com/jprjr/internet-radio-streams – and:


2 thoughts on “RPi RuneAudio: Adding a new function – Fade Volume over Time.

  1. tatoosh says:

    Thanks for sharing the idea. That looks nice.
    Will you add a swtich for just stop or fade after x minutes?



  2. Tatoosh says:

    Now i checked ur code – good one. But mostly i hear music over spop (Spotify).
    Maybe i will extend your given fade code.



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