RuneAudio(v0.3 beta) vs Volumio(v1.5) ( (RaspberryPI)

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January 29, 2015 by aubreykloppers

New year, new things.

First of all, RuneAudio comes with ArchLinux, so it is slightly different to your standard Ubuntu/Debian Linux.  The first thing I had to do was get my PROXY up and running.  You do this by:

  • cd /etc/profile.d/
  • mv
  • vi
  • chmod a+x

First Impressions:


  • Very Clean
  • Bootup with minimal problems
  • Needed to set PROXY (see above)
  • Initially had problems with network, but restarted and worked fine…
  • Very nice streaming options and services.
  • Overall the GUI feels fresh, clean and you can see the developer worked on getting fresh ideas into the system.


  • WTF!!!  This used to be a very nice OS, but now it boots up and the screen just flashes.
  • ReFlashed the image, just to make sure it was not in the flashing, still the same
  • Took out “force_turbo=1” (config.txt) did not help!
  • cleaned the “config.txt” file and the system booted up fine.
  • Network Netmask forces to /24.  Also unacceptable!
  • The system is just not as smoove as RuneAudio.
  • Overall, the GUI feels dated and if you read the comments on why the split between the 2 systems happened, you can see the GUI coder of Volumio just do not have the skill to build new innovative ideas into the system.

Out with Volumio, in with RuneAudio:

To get the system up and running, you have to download the image, burn to a SD card and boot.  Once the system is up, you can log in with

  • Username: root
  • Password: rune.

This is a big plus for me as an IT Engineer,  I hate this “sudo su” every time I log into a system.  It just waste time!

The first thing you will want to do is enable your ethernet card.  to do this , run the commands:

netctl enable eth0
netctl restart eth0

Go check your DHCP Server for the new IP, else you can use:


Use a web-browser to connect to your IP.  If you are using a proxy, enable it by doing the following:

  • cd /etc/profile.d/
  • mv
  • vi
  • chmod a+x

Some commands:

*systemctl restart rune_SY_wrk

Install “bc” (To enable you to do command line-calculations):

  • pacman -S bc

Slide-fade – the ultimate in fading a “baby-radio player”:

NOW in BETA 1! (Check this for an update!)

Re-writing the script from, I ended up with a very nice GUI (Currently in alpha mode) to enable you to slide the volume from one value to another over time.  The packaged script is available here:

To use the utility:

You do not have to keep the site open.  Closing will still do the fade for you.

More Radio Stations:


1. Navigated to /var/lib/mpd/music/WEBRADIO
2. sudo apt-get install git
3. git clone

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