PuppyLinux on Wyse C50LE device…

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November 12, 2014 by aubreykloppers

1. Download and in stall PuppyLinux on a USB device:

  • Get it from “Puppy Download Website“.  Note: Please use the SLACK/STABLE release.
  • Create a install key by using a USB ISO tool to install Puppy onto.  I use unetbootin-windows-581
  • Boot Wyse C50LE and hold down the “P” key.
  • If you for any reason need to get to the BIOS, the password is “Fireport”.
  • Boot the system (Puppy) and once on the Desktop run the installer.
  • White the drive and start installing.
  • Once installed run Grub4Dos from the MENU.
  • Install GRUB on sda.  Remember to choose to ONLY look at the 1GB HDD.
  • Shut the system down, remove the USB Key and start the system back up.

If everything was done correctly, your C50LE should boot to Puppy’s Desktop.

2. Booting the system:

  • Choose your TIMEZONE and LANGUAGE from the setup menu and CHECK the “VIDEO WIZZARD” and change your hostname if you want to.
  • The system will request a Desktop Restart/Refresh, once done your Display detection will start.
  • Choose “VESA – UNACCELERATED DRIVER” and then let XORG decide the resolution for itself.
  • Your resolution (in my case 1368×768) should then be set correctly, just choose OK and then FINISHED.
  • At this stage your desktop should display correctly.

3. Installing XBMC:

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