Android 4.4 on Windows!

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November 5, 2014 by aubreykloppers

Installing Android 4.4 on Windows 2008r2 (32 bit):

1. Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox (4.3.16 at this writing).
2. Download android-x86-4.4-r1.iso or later (from
3. Start VirtualBox and create a new Virtual Machine.
3.a. Type: Linux
3.b. Version: Linux 2.6/3.x (32bit)
4.a. Memory Size: 1024MB
4.b. Create (Hard Disk)
4.c. VDI
4.d. Fixed Size: 8GB
5. Create. – This will take a couple of moments to create you a 8GB disk…

Now go ahead and mount the ISO and boot the system.  You will have to create a disk.  Once finished, you will have a full Android system installed on your desktop…

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