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October 30, 2014 by aubreykloppers

Today I am going to teach you more about squid.conf.

  • The first two lines tell squid not to log a user (in this example using IP: info into the access.log.  This is very important for the system administrator due to site-testing and more clogging up valuable squid-log data.
  • The next four lines is to limit mobile-users (list of ip’s in a file called /scripts/mobile-users, one ip number per line) you want to limit to only download a maximum sized file of 50MB.  This is to stop updates happening on Mobile Devices, sometimes causing systems inoperable, but still allowing update and installation of apps via your network.
  • The 3rd block of code changes the speed that YouTube, (googlevideo.com – youtube is owned by Google) and Vimeo delivers files to the “mobile-users” ip list.  You will also see that “FREE-USAGE” does not get limited on the rule.  This is so that mobile-users do not become bandwidth-hogs with video streaming.
  • The fourth block of info give your squid log the full url in use when users are connecting to youtube.  Without this, you will only see youtube.com? as a log-entry.
acl FREE-USAGE src
log_access deny FREE-USAGE

acl mobile-users src "/scripts/mobile-users"
http_access allow mobile-users
reply_body_max_size 50 MB mobile-users
request_body_max_size 1 MB mobile-users

delay_pools 2
delay_class 2 1
delay_parameters 2 64000/64000
acl YOUTUBE dstdomain .googlevideo.com .vimeocdn.com
delay_access 2 deny FREE-USAGE
delay_access 2 allow YOUTUBE mobile-users

strip_query_terms off

That’s it for today!

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