VMware vConvert Standalone.

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September 13, 2014 by aubreykloppers

Here is the thing:

I have 2 ESXi hosts, each with 2 NIC’s.  Moving a VM from one host to another, I expect to get way better transfer rates over the 2*2*1GB Network Cards (NICs):

The scenario – (The VM is in a powered-down state):

  • VM(1) from ESXI(1) -> PC -> ESXI(2) to VM(2).
  • I am only getting 6MB/s transfer.

It actually makes sense that because the PC is sitting in the middle and the traffic/transfer  is going via the PC’s NIC that I will never get the full transfer rates.  Well, this is what I though…

I now installed Windows (8.1) on a VM, and onto that the converter:

  • VM(1) from ESXI(1) via VM(1) -> ESXI(2) to VM(2).
  • Changed the target disk to THIN.
  • I am getting 18.5MB/s transfer.

So, in conclusion, do not use a remote machine, try and use a local VM to do the transfers.  I believe this will speed up even more once I close the ESXi  vSpere Client…

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