VU-Meter (VU-7139) Wiring Diagram in English.

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July 22, 2014 by aubreykloppers


Now in English:

Debugging Description:
1) according to the backlight electrical specifications, changing the resistance value of R9 and R10, get the proper brightness
2)Adjust VR1 and VR2,pointer swing of Left and right channels can be adjusted separately, Please adjust correctly according to the power amplifier
3)Please select AC12V/500mA AC power input
4)During operation, R9 and R10 will have a certain temperature
  • Power voltage: AC 12V 500mA
  •  Dimension: 67mm x 56mm x 25mm
  • It can connect two VU meters (100μA to 500μA). You don’t need to adjust for our VU meter 500μA. (Others may be adjusted).
Power supply:
Driver board need to adopt separate transformer power supply, or independent of the exchange of
winding! Recommended AC 12V. If the direct use of original .
A system power transformer winding or the original system, the tap to give driver board power supply, can cause damage to the driver IC board!


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