Fix YouTube plugin in OpenELEC.

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July 22, 2014 by aubreykloppers

Problem Background:

My youtube plugin on OpenELEC (Pi) did not want to authenticate me.  The fix is a mess, but works.  Thanks to Vonpire @Xbmc for the fix:

1. open the following url to authenticate the youtube plugin with your google account:…_type=code

This will send you to a page which gives you an authentication code.

2. Create an HTML file with the following contents, and open it in a browser:

3. paste the code from step 1 in the code field and click submit
This should give you a result like this:
“access_token” : “A long cryptic phrase”,
“token_type” : “Bearer”,
“expires_in” : 3600,
“refresh_token” : “Another cryptic phrase”

4. open the settings.xml file in your “userdata\addon_data\” folder
find the oauth2_access_token setting and copy the access_token phrase from step 3 to the value field
find the oauth2_refresh_token setting and copy the refresh_token phrase from step 3 to the value field
for the oauth2_expires_at setting see step 5

5. Go to and run the following script
import time

print “time.time(): %f ” % time.time()

This will output something like:
time.time(): 1390933738.478000

add 3600 to that number, eg. 1390937338.478000

paste that number in the value field of the oauth2_expires_at setting.

6. Save the settings.xml file

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