OpenELEC 4.1.1 (Beta) on Raspberry PI.

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July 17, 2014 by aubreykloppers

This entry is purely for testing and feedback of the new 4.2 BETA of OpenELEC.

I will be testing the following aspects of OpenELEC:

  • BlueTOOTH
  • LCD (2*16) USB
  • DLNA

Initial Installation:

  • Exactly like 4.0.7 (Stable release) – No surprises there.
  • Setup all the different components and reboot.

XBMC LCDproc/OpenELEC Services:

  • Enabled ok.  OpenELEC’s driver “hd44780” chosen.
  • XBMC LCDproc – Problem is still that you have to go through the SYSTEM option to setup the device.
  • Changed the LCDd.conf:

cp /etc/LCDd.conf /storage/.config/
vi /storage/.config/LCDd.conf

## Hitachi HD44780 driver ##

  • reboot and everything worked as should.


This took me a little while to figure out.  There is no option in the GUI to enable/make the device “discoverable”.  To do this you have to ssh to the unit and:

  • lsusb (To make sure your device is active)
  • bluetoothctl (This will take you into the bluetooth program)
  • bluetoothctl # help (This will list the options)
  • bluetoothctl # discoverable on (Make the device discoverable – This is stupid!  Why not enable this by default from the GUI???)

BUT, you loose this setting on REBOOT!  To fix this is a bit of a hassle, but can be done with the following commands:

  • Create a file with your commands imbedded
  • Run the “” program with the input as the file and the output to a dummy file.
  • The command will look like this: “OpenELEC-Pi:~ # bluetoothctl < ./commands.list > ./dummy.out
  • The script to run the commands can be placed in : “/storage/.config/” to autostart at boot time.
  • remember to “chmod +x /storage/.config/” to make executable.

ps – I have included in the file the ability to fix the YOUTUBE DOWNLOAD problem.


  • if you have a look at /storage/.config/dummy.out you should see commands being executed.

Scripts and Files:

NOTE: I run the script at startup and every minute in CRON.  In this way, the device STAYS discoverable…

  • crontab -l : * * * * * /storage/.config/ > /storage/.config/cron-out 2>&1
  • /storage/.config/ :

    rm /storage/.xbmc/temp/commoncache.db
    rm /storage/.xbmc/temp/commoncache.socket
    echo If this line appears, your commands.list needs to be created. > /storage/.config/dummy.out
    /usr/bin/bluetoothctl < /storage/.config/commands.list > /storage/.config/dummy.out

  • /storage/.config/commands.list :

    discoverable on
    pairable on
    scan on



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