Harley Davidson 48 – Joker High Performance Filter.

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June 7, 2014 by aubreykloppers

My Bike:

I have a 1200 “48” and the pipes that was fitted on the bike when i bought it from Harley Davidson tygervally is “Vance & Hines Side Shots” http://www.vanceandhines.com/store/sportster/fullsystems/26035.

Technical Details:

I am about to fit a “Joker Machine – High Performance Filter (10-200S)” I got from my friend Hugo in Johannesburg.  To do this, I will also have to fit a “Power Commander V” from Dynojet:

I will report back as I do the fitting and the tuning.  I hope I remember to take before/after video’s and possible installation videos to assist anyone else going this route.

ps: I keep the charge up with a http://www.tecmate.com/u_optimate_3plus.php

 Installation Notes:

PS: A/C, I now know, stands for Air Cleaner and PCV for Power Commander V.

Ok, Friday 06/06/2014 I decided I will do a cleanup of my garage and once done do the installation of the PCV before the A/C.  The easy part, taking off the side cover!  These are the steps/tips I can give you making the installation easy:

  1. To un-install the battery, do not even THINK you are going to remove the right-cover.  This is the ‘oil-tank cover’.  It does not come off.  (Well, not for a novice!)
  2. Do not think you will get your hand into the engine-compartment to loosen the screw!
  3. All you have to do is remove the 2 electrical pieces mounted on the battery-bracket, then slide the battery towards you, then undo the Negative.
  4. Then undo the positive…

BUT, that’s not all, there is a huge (and I mean HUGE) 30A main fuse that you have to take out to stop the alarm going off.  The steps are as follows:

  1. Switch the bike off.
  2. BEFORE the PEEP of the alarm, pull the fuse!

Then follow the instructions.  Except for a couple of tight-spaces, the installation took about 45-60min.

The installation of the A/C was just, loosen all the bolts and then fasten the new ones.  Use lock-tight and re-use gasket.  Could not be easier.  Took me about 20min.

My conclusion:

Ok, I use my Harley Davidson for daily commute.  I do not do long, mountainous drives and do not try to keep up with a superbike on a highway.  My immediate conclusion was the bike was more responsive, a bit more peppy, but it still backfires (pop) on deceleration, but this (after I read about 5 days of technical documentation) is a good thing even-though fixable..  The bike feels like it will get from 0-60 km/h faster.  The noise is no less and no more.  Only difference I can hear is a HISS when I start/stop the engine.

ps – and this is what it looks like:


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