hello bitwig: why do you make an copy of ableton live?


March 31, 2014 by aubreykloppers

flstate14 wrote:

RichOaten wrote:Bitwig Studio isn’t a copy of Ableton Live.

Oh reeeeally? Then please, take my hand and come with me on this journey if you will.

RichOaten wrote:There are many DAW’s that have clip launching these days – FL Studio has, Cakewalk Sonar has and now Bitwig Studio has

Right, but they all have their own spin on it. FL Studio’s looks different for example. But Bitwig’s…

RichOaten wrote:it’s not a copy of Live at all.

How about included instruments. Bitwig has an FM synth? It sure does.

Hmm ok. How about other various plugins that are included. Wait, did they just change the name of Utility? That was pretty lazy.


Holy crap. They didn’t even try here. They were like “F— it, might as well call it what it is.”


RichOaten wrote:there’s just as many differences as well, if not more so!

Exactly, so there couldn’t possibly be more similarities.


Mother of god. Well I’m sure you can just edit the effects chain and instruments differently right? Nah, they line up at the bottom just like Able…. shhh don’t say it.


One thought on “hello bitwig: why do you make an copy of ableton live?

  1. Dorf says:

    Same programmers


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