Insane JukeBox project.


September 13, 2013 by aubreykloppers

13 Sep 2013:

(posted: 13/09/13 13:09:13)

After some silence on this project (spending more time and working on my other RadioPi Project), I have finally found the holy-grail!  The Jukebox will be running on a Raspberry Pi!

What I found:

Today I found the absolute holy-grail in Raspberry Pi OS’s: a DOS PC EMULATOR running on a Raspberry Pi.

What does this mean, I hear you ask?

Well, this will give me the ability using my custom controller (built from a mouse) on a Pi using the dos Jukebox I wanted to run on Windows XP.  The software is called RPIX86 and everything I read points directly to the ability to run DOS-Based programs inside this scaled-down emulator AND it has the Sound Blaster driver installed!

So, I will be (after assembly of my wife’s RadioPi) be concentrating on this very nice project…

As a side note: will be another project soon to be tackled.  This is to be built with multiple buttons and possibly a joystick.


Ok, this is a post that will be ongoing.  What I intend to do is use an old PC to run as a jukebox.  I do not want to do online streaming as this is a complete different project, I want to play MP3’s…  There is a very nice JukeBox emulator called DWJUKEBOX that is not only free, but very easy and intuitive to run.  See:

One of the things that is holding back this amazing build is the price-tags on touch-screen technologies.  Especially in South Africa!

So, thinking around this, I decided the easiest way to proceed  is to use existing, old technology to emulate a touch-screen/mouse through buttons.  Basically all one need is:

    • up/down/left/right
    • and ENTER

This will give you the full function of a basic mouse, especially if you think of old-school jukebox players.

Stuff I need to continue with this build:

  • PC to drive the jukebox.
  • A BOX to build the PC into.
  • A small screen to see the songs.
  • A 5 button interface to emulate up/down/left/right/enter.
  • Software to drive the JukeBox and the 5 button interface.

Software first:

This is what X-Mouse Button Control looks like:


I will also stripped a mouse and will be using it for a 5-button emulator:

NOTE: The up/down buttons is on the back of the circuit-board. Some soldering necessary to add my buttons.


The JukeBox software I will use have a nice default screen:

Go have a look at:

Then, for the buttons, I will be using:

(4 blue ones and one red one)

SWP056 SWP057

I will be using windows XP to drive the system

Button Controller (mouse hardware) completed and sealed:

Knowing that this JukeBox is going to be used in a “wet” environment, after soldering and testing all the functions as working, I used a glue-gun to encapsulate the controller into rubber.  The wiring on the black piece is a scroll wheel that I might use as a volume control.



I tested the “Button Controller” last night and everything is working 100%.  I will be creating the Button Board (connecting the buttons to the interface) over the weekend.  The only thing is I am still in two minds what the physical jukebox should look like.  I have a couple of options, so at this stage I am treading water, testing hardware and software.

more later…

One thought on “Insane JukeBox project.

  1. Nicolas says:

    Subscribed!! Looking forward to the end product!!


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