Insane Internet Radio Project.


September 13, 2013 by aubreykloppers

16 Sept 2013 – and without any further delays, here is the build:



WiFi Network on PI:

How to generate:

wpa_passphrase <ssid> <passphrase> >/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

Setting up a news feed (SABC):


After working more than a week through various instructables(.com), RPi projects and general internet searches, I finally got to a project that not only works, but works right!  If you cast your eyes over to you will find a section on Raspberry Pi.  Have a look and read through his page and then download his Constructors Manual here:

It is the most complete, in depth manual I have found and it works 100%.

What I taught myself:

  1. Never change 0v with 5v on an LCD, you will burn it! (Wasted Cost: R80)
  2. Do not try to replace buttons with Rotary Encoder Switches, it does not work (Wasted Cost: R120)
  3. Do not try to solder too many components together, wires break, rather use a stripboard for your projects (Wasted Cost: R150)
  4. Do not solder buttons, rather use push-on “Spade connectors”. (Wasted Cost: R25)
  5. Get your soldering up to scratch…  You will need it.

Done and tested:

Ok, that done and said, the project was tested last night after creating a PCB (Stripboard) layout, soldering it and connecting everything:

  1. I have created to SW environment with a couple of radio stations.  (Including BOK and KFM)
  2. I have connected the RPi to the 2*16 LCD and displayed the streaming information to the screen.
  3. I have created the PCB with all the resistors and connections.
  4. I have connected the buttons and the UP/DOWN-LEFT/RIGHT-MENU structure works 100%.

Next steps:

  1. Restore a radio-box (Old radiogram) to fit components into.
  2. Decide if an AMP will be built into the box in (1).  If so, decide how it will interface into the entire system.
  3. Add decal and more onto the restored box.

The post below is old and serves just as a reminder that not everything works first time…

Ok, this post will also be ongoing.

What I intend to do is use a Raspberry PI as an Online Radio Streaming device for my wife.

the first thing that I have to do is get all the components together.  Some of them are quite easy to source, some of them quite difficult:

  • Raspberri PI  – TICK
  • WiFi Dongle
  • LCD Screen (16×2) – TICK
  • push button – TICK
  • rotary encoder switch
  • potentiometer – TICK

Of all the components (except the encoder) was available locally.  I have to ship one of these more than 3000km!

The system will be built into an old Radiogram I found.

Progeress report – 29 August 2013:

Finally got my radio-stations configured and got my head around the ‘Pandora Streaming’ technologies.  Updated the RPi archive I made with the latest SW, Images and instructions.  Now to start the physical work…

More to follow….

Some reading to do:


2 thoughts on “Insane Internet Radio Project.

  1. Nicolas says:

    haha switch 0v for 5v….Lyk awesome!! gaan bietjie kom kyk


  2. Bob Rathbone says:

    Version 2.0 of the software now supports rotary encoders. See Raspberry Pi.
    Bob Rathbone


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