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October 24, 2012 by aubreykloppers

Ok, so you want the latest TV programs and unlike the rest of the world, you are in South Africa?  DSTV, TOPTV and SABC just leave you plain cold?  Here are a couple of ‘tricks’ to get you started:

First of all, a couple of rules:

  1. Use a private tracker.  This will stop your ISP throttling your bandwidth.  Do not use open trackers line Pirate Bay or EZTV, as their traffic get watched by your ISP.
  2. Test your speed on a regular basis:
  3. Use a trusted client:
  4. IMPORTANT!: What you take, put back!  Keep your ratio above 1!  See the glossary:
  5. For the best, but strictest TV content. use: IMPORTANT!What you take, put back!  Keep your ratio above 1!

Anything else, get me on FB

Make sure you are CONNECTABLE:


NOTE: Many think just because they’re able to seed successfully at OTHER sites, that they’re connectable and all is fine.  That is NOT the case.  This is a unique private tracker, and you need to confirm that you are connectable specifically using a port test such as the one below!

Do the test link below, using the port you have selected for incoming connections for your torrent client (most use one port, some use a range). If you’re not connectable, you most likely have a port forwarding or firewall issue. To see how to forward a port, go to and find your specific router.

uTorrent has a great Connection Setup Guide

Also, you can try this test:


  • Make sure you are set to use a static port, or range if your client requires it (for example, uTorrent has a setting to “randomize port each time utorrent starts” which should not be used).
  • Use ports in the range of 10000-65534. Do not use 6881-6889 are they are well known P2P ports and many ISP’s either block or throttle them. Your ISP may not, but those who are trying to connect to you may.
  • Disable UPnP as it will also cause ports to change on connections (NOTE: Azureus/Vuze needs it).
  • Enable encryption, allow legacy (unless you’re really paranoid, then FORCE encryption for all – not saying its a bad thing 🙂 )

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