Upgrade CentOS-5 to CentOS-6 and upgrade Zimbra-7 to Zimbra-8.


September 27, 2012 by aubreykloppers

I have been trying serveral ways to do that and I found the following works for me.
It is basically a modified verision of the “Active ZCS partition/mount is able to be relocated to new server” section of

Ajcody-Notes-OS-Upgrade-And-ZCS-Options – Zimbra :: Wiki

This is what I did:

My old machine is standalone zimbra server running Centos 5.8 (x64) with zimbra 7.1.1 (hosted in a Xenserver VM)
My target new machines is running Centos 6.3 (x64) (hosted in a ESXi VM)

On the old machine that is current running Centos 5
1) Upgrade to the lastest Version 7 of Zimbra. The version I used was 7.2.1. (make sure you download the correct version with rhel5)

On the new machine
1) Setup a new node running Centos 6 (I use a ESXi VM machine). The new machine will need a different IP from the old server at this moment.
2) Install the latest version 7 of zimbra. The version I used was 7.2.1. (make sure you download the rhel6 version this time )
3) Confirm ZIMBRA User And UID Match between the two servers.
4) Confirm Zimbra can boot up on the new Centos 6 machines. If everything goes fine, you can stop zimbra now.
5) Rename the “/opt/zimbra” directory to “/opt/zimbra.bak”. We will need some of the files in this directory later.
6) rsync the old zimbra directory to the new machine (You can keep the old sever running as this will take a while)
rsync -aHz –delete –force old_server_addr:/opt/zimbra/ /opt/zimbra/

7) After the first rsync is done, we should do rsync once more but this time, we have the STOP the zimbra of the old machine first to make sure every last bit is synced.
8) After the 2nd rsync finished, if you start the zimbra on the new machine now, it will complaint some perl script error. What I did was to copy the /zimbramon directoy in the /opt/zimbra.bak to the current /zimbra directory.
rsync -aHz –delete –force /opt/zimbra.bak/zimbramon/ /opt/zimbra/zimbramon/

9) Again, you cannot start zimbra just yet or it may complaint some error with missing libexpat.so.0 share file. But I suppose that may or may not happen depending on the libraries you have intalled for your Centos 6. Anyway, it happened to me so I use yum to install to following:
yum install compat-expat1

10) now, su – zimbra to do zmcontrol start and the zimbra should start up. (I found the first time zimbra startup, the status in admin console may show everything’s failling even the server is running perfectly. However, it will show normal if you restart the zimbra once more.)

11) If everything goes fine, you can change the IP, DNS, etc of the new server to replace the old server now. You can also delete the /zimbra.bak directory now.

12) You can go on to upgrade to zimbra 8 using the normal way now. (see wiki for details.)

Transcript from: http://www.zimbra.com/forums/administrators/58476-how-upgrade-zcs-ose-7-x-8-a.html

One thought on “Upgrade CentOS-5 to CentOS-6 and upgrade Zimbra-7 to Zimbra-8.

  1. Excelente, funciona al 100%. Gracias por el tuto.


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