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August 30, 2012 by aubreykloppers

I am about to post my findings in various publications, as I feel XBMC as HTPC is missing the boat. Let me explain:

  • XBMCBuntu is slow, clunky and buggy. Against XBMCLive it is not an option for someone who is looking for a stable HTPC.
  • The “FEATURE” where XBMCBuntu asks for a USERNAME/PASS is a NO-NO!!!
  • The database can not be copied/pasted from XBMCLive to XBMCBuntu. This is really bad…
  • The “Watched” flag does not always get honored. Which means you have some stuff not marked. AND THE LIST GOES ON!

My Personal opinion: XBMCBuntu is trying to be too smart for itself. A ‘novice’ user does not need the underlying OS, the power-shell or any of that stuff. A novice needs a system that does not boot to a username, is compatible with the previous database and does not need to have a more powerful pc to run a simple HTPC.

As a last point. XBMC needs to be as simple possible and the original LIVE version was so smooth, why fix that was not broken?

UPDATE: 30 August 2012

I have tried and tested a system called OpenElec, which is XBMC in a live-style environment.  Quite nice and about 30 seconds to install.  Just choose the release that is right for you, download the 100-130MB file, unzip and create a USB installer.  (All included in the release of the downloaded file!)

To get OpenElec, go to: http://openelec.tv

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