XEN – Building pfSense and FreeNAS on the same server.

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March 22, 2012 by aubreykloppers

Last week Thursday and Friday I started building a new VM environment for my company’s smaller branches. The configuration is as follows and a breeze to set up!

P4 Quad, 4GB, 2NW, 3HDD. (HDD1=250G, HDD2/3=1TB)

XENSERVER running the following VM’s:
1. pfSense 2RELEASE.
2. FreeNAS8.

pfSense running (Installed Packages):
1. Squid and SquidGuard. (To give users access to the internet and to manage access to sites.)
2. Snort. (To stop undesirables from getting to and from the network)
3. Lightsquid. (To get full reporting on user-access to the internet)
4. Cron. (To schedule jobs.)
5. HAVP. (Antivirus)
The system is split between the LAN and WAN with 2 network cards. The LAN card is also being utilized by the FreeNAS8 server.

The system has the CIFS/SMB modules enabled to give users access to a nice 1TB file-sharing system. As I said the LAN card is being shared by the LAN of the pfSense server…

The system works like a charm and no problems experienced.


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