XEN – A true competitor to vmware?

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March 22, 2012 by aubreykloppers

Sitting in my office, trying to roll out a small-sized server cluster on virtual technology, I came across a problem: vmware does not support any hardware.  What to do, but start looking at the serious contender called XEN.

Installing XEN:

The server was up-and-running within minutes.  Pretty-much what I expected from a VM.  The free license (for one year) was as easy as click, details, copy and paste.

Installing the OS’s (VM’s) was a breeze.  I created a XEN Repository on the system by clicking on the CONSOLE of the server and pasting the following into it:

"mkdir -p /var/opt/xen/iso_import"
"xe sr-create name-label="MyISORepository" type=iso device-config:location=/var/opt/xen/iso_import/ device-config:legacy_mode=true content-type=iso"

I then uploaded my ISO by doing a RSYNC:

"cd /var/opt/xen/iso_import"
"rsync <IP>:/mnt/esxitemplates/OS/pFsense-2.0-RC3/pfSense.iso ."


"rsync <IP>:/mnt/esxitemplates/OS/FreeNAS/FreeNAS-8.0.1-RC1-amd64.iso ."

As you can see, I am installing pfSense and FreeNAS on the system.

Now, onto the system config:

1. Pentium QUAD 2.3

2. 4GB mem

3. nVidia card (the motherboard did not come with onboard)

4. 2nd NIC (Realtec 1GB)

5. 250GB HDD for XEN, pfSense, FreeNAS and ISO’s.

So far, everything is working as it should…

ESXi 4.1/5

This failed on bootup as the onboard LAN card is not supported…

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