Doll Bed

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March 22, 2012 by aubreykloppers


Completed the build of 3 more of these beds…


The first white coat applied looks quite great!  Thank you Ana White :)


Xmas and the ever-so-often question of how much to spend.

As I have 3 nieces under the age of 10 and Christmas  is on the way, I decided, instead of spending a small amount on plastic toys for the girls, why not go the alternative route and make them something…

My budget this year is about R140.00/child (about $20) and about 5hours in time, thus started my new project, doll furniture.  Why, you ask furniture?  The simple reason that, if built well, unlike to $20 plastic toy, will be a keep-sake and could be passed down to their children.

Quick note on the difference between boys and girls:

Boys: You can give them a box and once the FORT, RACE-CAR or FIRE-TRUCK has been imagined, it will be tossed.  The same with most toys, once played-out, will be burnt with magnifying glasses, put on fire or blown-up with illegal fire-crackers.

Girls: Look at your wife, sister, mom, girlfriend.  You will find hidden their favorite toy from childhood hiding in some closet or ‘stashed’ away at mom’s house.  It is a fact…  (Side-note: If you are a grown man and still have your action-man from childhood, a sex-change is eminent!)

Now for the build: (Thank you Ana White.  Referenced on another posting!)









I will finish this in white and post a picture once finished.  I will build 4 of these, one for a future-reference example.

cyber7 out.

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