WYSE Terminals – Installing and uninstalling SW.

First dump the rpm found on the Terminal…  (Use ssh/sftp…)


Connect to Terminal

  1. Select Computer
  2. Select XTerm

Uninstall Previous Version

  • 1. Get the name of the rpm package using this command

rpm -qa | grep -i “NAME”

  • Uninstall using this command


Navigate to the New RPM File

  1. cd wherever
  2. ls

Run the Install

rpm -i –nodeps name_of_software.rpm

Are you in need for a Proxy…?

Restricted to download one file at a time or per hour:

If you need a proxy due to restrictions by download sites, wanting you to wait a day/hour for the next download, restricting you to only one download at a time, you can always run on multiple PC’s downloads concurrently (on a single line) using a proxy to change your public advertised IP.  To do this, all you have to do is get a new proxy for your second download by going to:


and searching for a proxy close to you…

That’s it…